Some Stuff I've Made!

Game-y Stuff

I make tiny web thingies under the moniker haretic on These are some of my adventures in hypertext!


A hypertext poem about living in the margins. Play


\ ˈre-və-rē \ (noun) (a state of having) pleasant dream-like thoughts Play


A gameboy game based on a weird "Rock, Paper, Scissors" alternative we came up with.Play


Codex Vitae

A personal wiki of sorts. Second brain. Quasi-blog, Zettelkasten inspired, but loosely implemented. Visit

This One!

Astro's Lair has been around since 2021. I did have websites up before that but AL and all its iterations are the ones I would proudly declare making. The current iteration was written by hand completely using semantic html and minimal js. It is hacky in places but I've been able to keep the site extremely lightweight.

Other Stuff

A Puffle virtual pet simulator for a friend

As a birthday gift, I made an Android app that used sprites and animations from Club Penguin. Made it for a friend who liked Club Penguin. No copyright infringement intended, it was a simple APK that was not uploaded anywhere else.

Digital "Art" Stuff