>>"Who are you?"

Note: This page gave me existential crises (yes, plural). Also, it looks ugly currently but that should change in a bit.

I'm Astro. I'm just a dork with a webpage. Also a tech enthusiast, a writer, a lover of movies, queer, and an adopted child of the Internet. I also try to tinker only to fail but eh, such is life.

Some of the things I love:

  1. Archiving! The only thing stopping me from being a datahoarder is the lack of money :))
  2. MOVIES. I'd maybe consider myself a buff but I'm just some of the snobbery and none of the insight. So yes, all the best bits of a movie critic. Ebert who? (Oh, if you get my obscure movie references, we're officially best friends forever. That's a threat.)
  3. I'm super passionate about mental health advocacy, feminism, and digital rights.In other words, (in my opinion) a basic decent human
  4. FLOSS advocate! (Not the teeth kind, but that's a good habit). I love the entire Free/Libre Open Source Software community. "free as in freedom". The libre and gratis community is just amazing and they have my whole heart.
  5. Psychology.
  6. Philosophy, Linguistics, and related subjects excite me.
  7. I absolutely LOVE tech(though I'm also unhealthily attached to it)
  8. I play a bit of video games. I LOVE retro games. Some of my favorite games are - Mother 3, The Last Of Us, Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective, Harvest Moon:FOMT, Horizon Zero Dawn, Shadowrun Returns.
  9. Data. I'm really into data. Gimme those cronchy numbers!
  10. Quantified Self. Ties into the whole data hoarding thing.
  12. Oxford commas. Inane trivia. Tamagotchis. Wholesome things. Geeky things. Cute things.
  13. oh, and making pointless lists!

Also see below for a list of my favourite movies, games, and music.

Things I HATE:

  1. Bigots
  2. Any flavour of them. I loathe them all.
  3. Misinformation. This really annoys me.
  4. Chain texts
  5. Superstitions
  6. "Hustle" Culture
  7. Pop Psychology
  8. "Influencers"
  9. Any combination of the above
  10. The current state of Psychology which is stigmatizing and is very otherizing

Things I Love Part II

🎬 Movies 🎬

Stuff that Edgar Wright makes. Spike Jonze's work. Charlie f-ing Kaufman. The stuff he directs, the stuff he writes. Absolute genius. 12 Angry Men, Oldboy, Scott Pilgrim vs The World, World's End, Seven Samurai, Uncut Gems, The Princess Bride, The Truman Show, Back To The Future(all of em), Tropic Thunder, Disaster Artist are some of my favourites.


Mother 3, The Last of Us, Horizon Zero Dawn, Majora's Mask, Breath of The Wild, Skyrim, Ghost Trick, No Man's Sky. I love the GBA generation of games.


Alternative, Indie, hip-hop, and most importantly, psychedelic